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February 16, 2010
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Running down the street, pocket full of hard earned allowance, I make my way to the local clothing store. Upon entering, I come across an expensive yet adorable top. I don’t see on in my size so I make my way over to the lady working the floor to ask for my size. I end up only getting sneered at and ultimately my request was denied. I know if I was there with my mother, the salesperson would do anything to their ability to help her. Too many times in today’s society, minors, such as myself, find ourselves being ignored and discriminated against by adults. Adults need to learn to judge us individually instead of assuming our personality because of the stereotype of our age group. As teenagers, we cannot sit silently while adults treat us all with the same disrespect and suspicion.

When workers treat us with disrespect, it’s like saying our money isn’t as valuable. Obviously money is money. No matter from what source, it is worth the same amount. When they refuse our requests, look at us with suspicion in their eyes or completely ignore our questions, to us it seems like they really don’t want our business. I waste no time dealing with dismissive workers; I’ll simply walk right out of the store. Time is money, and my money is just as good as anyone else’s.

I suppose some of their precautions are justified. In less fortunate areas, it isn’t uncommon for shop lifting and vandalism to occur. But here in our quiet little suburban city, it has never been a problem and most would agree, it never will be. Nowadays, it is also common to have security cameras pointing every which way. This over rules the reasoning for store keepers to watch our every move just because they are afraid of vandalisms; all they have to do is keep an eye out for unusual behaviors that the cameras pick up. Some adults have this predisposition that all teens are hooligans and cause a ruckus so they are always a few feet away from the kids. If adults encounter loud and obnoxious kids, by all means, throw them out. But they should remember that not all teens are unruly and immature. We just want to get our shopping done without a pair of suspicious eyes bearing down into the back of our heads.

Teenagers are at a very malleable part of their lives. Many of the experiences that happen at this age shape and stick with us for the rest of our lives. As everyone knows, teenagers are infamous for being stubborn and gossipy. The impressions that we get during our teen years will most likely take a long time to fade so we will always have the opportunity to talk poorly of a business. It may not seem like a big deal to lose one lousy costumer, but they will most likely loose business to a whole web of connections. Just remember, the word will spread quickly to a lot of people.

We need to stand up for our rights as a misunderstood age group. It’s necessary to demand the respect we deserve or else we will continue to be stomped on. We are the future adults, store keepers, managers, and CEO’s; if we continue to feel contempt toward our elders, then how willing will we be to seek their advice or guidance in the future? This trend must stop. Everyone needs to rise above themselves and learn to indifferently respect one another as individuals, to stop profiling, and to judge a person based on their personality not a stereotype. Unless we stand up, this pattern of disrespect will continue.

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