Proud to be Aussie

February 13, 2010
By Zoughii GOLD, Armidale, Other
Zoughii GOLD, Armidale, Other
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Favorite Quote:
There are three things every girl needs:
Guys to make her weak,
Alcohol to make her strong, and
Best friends when both things make her hit the floor.

There is a joke it goes:
What do you call someone that can speak many tongues? Multilingual.
What do you call someone that can speak two tongues? Bilingual.
What do you call someone that speaks only one tongue? Australia.
And people have the hide to call us racist. Are we racist or you just jealous?
Australia is a place of many opportunities. We have the highest rate of refugee approvals each year letting in people to allow them to benefit from our wonderful country. But you call us racist because we don't...can't let all the refugees that come to Australia stay.

Are we racist or are you just jealous?
We are one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world. 65% of Australians are not Australian born. But we accept them for them for what they are: Aussie, they are Aussie whether they are born here or not, they are Aussie.
Are we racist or are you just jealous?
You judge us by what you see on your TV's. The Macquarie Field riots? Did anyone both to tell you that those were started by immigrants that we accept with open arms?
Were we racist or were they just jealous?
The Indian that burnt to death? Did anyone tell you he set himself on fire while trying to light a stolen car on fire?
We're not racist no, you're just jealous.
So I say this to the world: Grow up, embrace Australia, experience the true blue Aussie culture and stop calling us racist just because you’re jealous!

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