What No One Knows

February 4, 2010
Have you ever walked down the hallway and, because you don't know that dorky looking kid, you put a label on her? And, that isn't the only way to insult a person. That same dorky kid could have just glanced at you and thought as sarcastically as they could, "Wow he's SUCH a winner. That straight D average'll really get him places in life."

This is how middle school and high school are for most people. All the labels. Who wants to fall under that? No one. If you order a salad every day at lunch, does that mean you're truly anorexic? Or does it just mean you're looking out for a healthier life? If you play basketball and baseball does that make you a jock? Or do you just like sports? And don't you just hate it when you hear people say "Oh look that's the kid who ____". That "kid who ____" has a name. And what that other person doesn't know, is that maybe they really a painter at heart, not a "jock". Maybe that quiet girl in the corner of the classroom is really a great actress. Maybe the most popular kid in school goes home and deals with family problems.

Not everyone is what their "label" says they are. No one wants to have a label printed on their forehead that says "I'm a wannabe because I wear stylish clothes." The world would be a better place if all these labels could just stay in the label-maker.

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