Juvenile's in Jail

January 14, 2010
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In the story “Juvenile Criminals must be Tried as Adults” the author clearly states that children should be tried as adults for their accusable actions. For example, he tells us about two ten year-olds that brutally murdered a two year-old and were given minimal punishment and new identities. The courts decide that children shouldn’t be tried as hard because their moral standards aren’t fully developed and can be fixed. The author disagrees with the court decision because human morals cannot be cured because they are inherent. In the story “Stop Trying 13 Year-Olds in Court as Adults” the author fights against the idea of children being tried as adults. In his case, fourteen year-old Kearie purposely shot and killed another juvenile while stealing his car. The court tried her as an adult. The author thinks that this is morally corrupt and children can be fixed. Because children are not fully developed they should not be punished as an adult. He thinks that after a child comes out of jail they are more damaged and aggressive than before they went in. Both stories confront and acknowledge the disadvantages and advantages of the situation of children being tried as adults. In my opinion, I think that children should be tried and punished as adults if the case is bad enough. I believe everyone is born with some sort of moral knowledge and although a child’s brain may not be fully developed yet, they do have a sense of wrong and right. For example, if a child murders someone, they should be tried as adults. Why? Because that child has just committed a crime, offensable to lifetime in jail. The family of the victim has no remorse to the accused just because he is a child.. If you give a child minimal punishment, he will just be as dangerous and he was before. Wilde writes “Excuse should not be made for these offenders; lessening the consequences of their actions wi9ll not only undermine the victim and his or her family, but also make it seem excusable after a short period of remorse” (6). Some people believe that juvenile rehabilitation can correct these young criminals but I disagree. While juvenile rehabilitation cost more than prison, not all rehabilitations can fix the accused child, “A lack of human morals cannot be treated or cured in rehabilitation centers” (Wilde 7). After a non-effective rehabilitation if a child is released he will be just as he was before, or may be more destructive. I think, that children should be tried as adults and take the consequences for their actions.

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Jacksprak said...
Jan. 30, 2010 at 11:27 pm
I agree with you on all but the last few statements. Rehabilitation can work, but it depends. Will they work with these kids? What will they do? thats the way to find a working center. I believe that kids can't be 'fixed' but healed. You just have to know about your kid. How are there parents, did they do drugs, anything that would lead to acting in such a way. in too many cases there was an issue that caused the kids to act so horribly. Thus rehabilitation would work if you isola... (more »)
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