The Misfit MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Why did everyone always make fun of her? Why was she always alone? Why did people call her names ...just because she dressed a little unusual and couldn't hear a word they said? They called her the "misfit". Nobody wanted to be her friend or even be around her. Why? What was the big deal? I wanted to be her friend, but how? She couldn't hear me! I didn't let that bother me, not at first anyway.

I couldn't understand it. I mean, I'm not "MissPopularity" but I have friends, really good friends. I didn't mind not being with the "in" crowd: I didn't, not really.

Her name was Joanna. I didn't know her well, but I felt badly for her. One day I woke up determined to sit with her at lunch, no matter how anyone else felt or what anyone else thought or did. I really didn't feel like eating that morning so I just ran out the door not knowing exactly how I felt, until I got to school. All I could hear was unthoughtful people making fun of Joanna.

Lunch came and I thought I was ready. I glanced at Joanna and saw a bunch of kids bothering her again. Finally they left and I went over and sat down. She didn't look up at first, but when she did I gave her a considerate smile. I talked slowly so she could read my lips easily. I understood most of what she said and the rest she wrote down for me. I could hear the other kids saying things about me, but I didn't let it bother me. The next day I had to face all those kids who despised Joanna for the dumbest reason of all; she was different. Joanna was deaf, but still a person.

The next day came so quickly. I woke up and almost forgot everything that happened in school. I got to school and the bell rang. Before I realized it, I went to class and walked right by Joanna not saying anything. I should have gone over to her locker and stuck up for her, but then I'd be going against my own friends. Maybe they are not my real friends if they make fun of Joanna, and they had made fun of me for being with her. Joanna needed a friend more than anyone else I could think of. She was just the same as anybody else. It could be interesting, and even fun to be around her.

The truth is now that ...well ...I guess ...Joanna is the best friend I've ever had. The next thing I knew I'm at at her locker talking (slowly and clearly) to her, then walking to classes with her. Well, I think I have finally learned something. n

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BrAnDy_XoxO said...
on Sep. 19 2008 at 6:08 pm
you are a really good person, with a good heart. I felt so bad for joanna while reading this but the ending made me smile because you two are lucky to have each other. stay close :)


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