How I Came To Be Me MAG

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   I'm Hispanic and proud of it. My goal is to make people realize that discrimination, in any form, is wrong. As an individual, I am proud of mysef and my accomplishments. I've been very successful in my academic career. I speak three languages: Spanish, English and French. I have specific career goals that I would like to accomplish in the business world. My interests in the business world include to promote Hispanic businesses and develop the Hispanic market.

As a youngster, I faced many problems coming to this country. I learned how people stereotype Hispanics and how they discriminate. Some discrimination is because of the language barrier faced by immigrants. I learned from those early experiences and now I want to encourage and support other Hispanic youngsters through the adjustment stages of coming to this country. I would like Hispanic teenagers, especially, to show the talents they have. Some Hispanics waste their gifts due to the stereotyping that holds them back from realizing their potential. This is why I set that goal for myself. I'm going to be the example for others to follow.

As the oldest child in my family, my going to college is a big thing. I came here eight years ago from Puerto Rico and since then I've been living in Rhode Island. I'm 16 years old and very glad that my family came here to give us an opportunity for a better education.

In conclusion, all those things make me the person I am today. If it weren't for all the things I went through as a child, maybe I wouldn't have the aspirations I have today! c

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