Do Egyptians Live in Pyramids? MAG

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   I moved to the United States a few years ago from Egypt. Atfirst in school when I said I was from Egypt, people asked theweirdest questions, including, "Do you ride a camel toschool?" "Do you live in pyramids?" and"How do you dress in Egypt? Do you wear a cobracrown?" All these questions seemed funny; after all, Ididn't come here expecting to find horses running around. Seehow corny that sounds? My goal is to let you know that thepyramids are a place to visit and tourists come to see themfrom all around the world. Big cities such as Cairo andAlexandria are very modern and European in style, but stillhave their Egyptian culture. I really like it here in theStates, and hey, "It's a free country."

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Fayrouz SILVER said...
on Oct. 22 2009 at 9:12 pm
Fayrouz SILVER, Fargo, North Dakota
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heck, i know! I'm Egyptian and some people think we live in pyramids...or can read the ancient egyptian's language...


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