The Torment of the "One in Ten" MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Every day as I walk through the halls of my highschool, I try hard not to wince. This school, proud of its diversity andtolerance, is more hypocritical than most understand. I walk past a group ofgirls huddled over their math books. "I can't believe he's giving us thistest already! He is so gay!" Three guys are standing around by my locker,talking. "You didn't see 'Scary Movie?' You fag!"

Ninetypercent of the school doesn't know the harm they cause, the people they crushwith their words, but it happens all the same. When I tell people how many gaykids there are in my school, they don't believe me. Statistically*, there aresomewhere between 100 and 200 gay, lesbian or bisexual students at my high schoolalone, and each and every one of them is forced to sit through the torment of hisor her peers.

Aside from the obvious, homosexuals are no different fromheterosexuals. I should know - I am one. Teenagers may learn from theirclosed-minded parents, however, that gays are immoral. And those children carryon that legacy. Because of people like this, kids hide inside themselves,terrified of being discovered. Some escape through drugs, alcohol, promiscuity oreven suicide.

For just a moment, think about what you would do if yoursister, your cousin or your best friend told you she was gay. It could happen,and may at some point in your life. Don't be insensitive or cruel. Accept peoplefor who they are, and they will return the favor.

* A 1993 report from the103rd U. S. Congress reads, "The Kinsey Report (1948) claims that 10% of allAmericans are homosexual ... subsequent studies ... estimate from one to sixpercent of the population."

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Jesus_Freak said...
on Jul. 14 2009 at 4:04 pm
I too am one of the "one in ten". I know what you go through, and have even sometimes had to endure those same kind of comments from my own family. It sucks. Plus, I am a Christian, no doubt about it. That has presented some problems, but I found that there are some demominations of Christianity that do not comdemn people like us. I just have to stay in the closet until I find one of those churches, because I would get kicked out of my Lutheran church. You are very courageous to have written this.

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