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September 11th was the worst dayever for the United States. I am 13 and a Muslim, so I am an Arab-American. I wasborn in the U.S. Virgin Islands and have lived here all my life. The first time Iever heard of Osama bin Laden was when the terrorist attacks happened. Theattacks not only affected Americans, it affected everyone, including Arabs. Justbecause a group of Arabs planned the attacks doesn't mean all Arabs are the same.It isn't fair how people blame all Arabs, or all Muslims.

That Tuesdaymorning, I found out what happened when I got to my third period class, AmericanHistory. We were getting ready for a test but went to the library to watch thenews. At first I thought it was nothing, but then I realized it was extremelyserious. Everyone immediately blamed the Arabs. The news said there was a carbomb and everyone said it was Palestinians, my people. That really upsetme.

At the end of October the supermarkets my family owns, my house andthe houses of some of my aunts and uncles were raided by the CIA and FBI becausesome lady said our supermarkets supported terrorists and that one was workingthere. I found out after school when my aunt picked up me up and explained whathad happened. I was really upset. They took all our computers from the house andstores except for two, which they made copies of.

My parents came here toget away from the war in the Middle East and struggled to make sure nothingaffects us. We have a successful life, but now people want to stop us from havinga good life. I feel hurt. I am an American, too. I am also proud to be anArab!

I felt hurt when the terrorists attacked. So many people lost theirlives. Many will think that because I am Arab I think the U.S. deserved it, but Idon't. I think it's wrong to kill innocent people. I don't know why so manypeople want war.

Sometimes I wonder if the U.S. is going to be attackedagain. Many Arabs came here to get away from war. Why can't everyone accept usfor who we are instead of judging us by our appearance?

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