People's Fault This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

Tears were what the rain was made of. Tears from them, and me, that gathered in puddleson the tear-soaked earth. Tears from them and me that gathered from puddlesformed streams and filled the oceans of once-pure joy. There was nothing left todo but cry: cry for the dead and cry for the living who killed. Screams were theonly alternative to brewing tears of pain and destruction. The world had finallyturned sour after several millennia where hate was law and sin was the lifestyle.The people of the world now wished to return to the past and wave good-bye, butthe past didn't want to see the people bid farewell. The present wanted us toleave for the future. The future wanted us to die and rot in the past. It seemedpeople had nowhere else to turn, nowhere else to segregate ourselves, so we, as adivided people, could continue to divide and racially define a brother or sister.

First our tears filled the oceans to become barriers that would separateour worlds for thousands of years. Now, after our tears have run dry from ourhearts and eyes, we build walls and weapons to kill and capture those who wish tobe as one with the world of other humans. We are each other's guardians. We areeach other's siblings. We are each other's peacekeepers. We are each other'sother. And we are no different from ourselves. To spread apart is to spread apartour love and strength. But to spread apart without heart is to weaken us as ahuman family. A family of 6 billion cannot sustain itself in a house of harmonyif walls of nations continue to grow in length but not in the number of doors.

Oceans thousands of kilometers wide may keep our family apart andcease our talks, but the boat will tie us together and the phone line will allowus to say hello and good-bye. Skies may keep us from hearing each other, but thewings of a plane and the dish of a satellite will allow us to be as one. Heavenlyspaces in infinite kilometers will divide us forever from Earth and Heaven. Ouronly link to family is to remember.

Remember all and forget all. Forgetthe faults of them, remember the gifts of them, treasure all from them. Vision isuseless in the expression of love. Speech is flawed in expressing love. Hearingis not needed and touch can be thrown out to lose nothing. Taste and smell can belived on without ever being used. All that must remain in your heart's possessionis your heart. The heart beats in a secret tune, a tune that only another whowants to hear will hear. Your heart does not beat to keep blood flowing, it beatsto tell others that you are in the same home as they are and that you are asister or brother.

Whoever is the one who created nations has sentencedus to eternity to constant misunderstandings of one another. Never shall we fullysee and know another again. Never will we be one another again. I call thispunishment. This punishment divides brothers and sisters from contact and neverallows us to speak as we would and could have perhaps long ago. Separation willweaken the human family and do what the punisher intended to do. Possibly,through our existence as a human world, only a small percentage of people havefully been able to talk to brothers and sisters who were once worlds away.

Sailing to the new land and seeing the brothers and sisters is not a wayto achieve the goal of being one family again. Sending e-mail to one who is anocean away is not a way to achieve this. Sending your voice through a wire is nota way to achieve this. One can only achieve when thinking of all as yourself toform one. One mind of human family, and one mind of human way.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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