Cultural America MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

I began to let inequality
Speak for me
Forcing me tobelieve that
Segregation was actually peace that we need in

I came to realize the true
Essence of being colored ina
Pale man's world.
I knew slavery wasn't over
But in fact justbeginning
Because Africans were no longer
Combined Americans
And nolonger picking cotton
And being whipped
But organizing files
And takingsips of what is
Known as a better life.
Better life ...
By making andmolding it
By ironing and folding it
And being used to being subjectedto
Harsh abuse and things
Against the will of what anyone will do
Betterlife, right

Having everything taken away
Before you can evenreceive
It ...
Knowing that one day
You too can be dragged just
Forbeing you.
Thought we could finally gain
Respect but instead gainracial
Profiling and the thought
Of knowing that the
Ku Klux Klan speaksfor the
Common white man.
Split down the middle.
We became used to it.And
Voiced what we could. And
Stood as we should. And
Knew that wewould
One day
Tell it like this ...
The truth. No lies ...

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