from africa to america

March 18, 2009
By Anonymous

From African to America

When I step out of the New York airplanes I thought it would be the same as Africa but it wasn't
the same New York was big and have lots of cars and people walking around on they cell phone and
using they computer. I was ten year old at the time I think it was nice it's better than nothing.
My family decided to go N.Y. because my mom brothers live in Brooklyn. After two year we moved to
Tennessee moving to Tennessee was the best thing that happens to me and my family we stared out than
got a house by the mall. I was ten year old when we moved to Tennessee it's was fun half of my
family live in Tennessee. We stayed two year in Brooklyn n.y. I got in to six fight with people in
my school they keep calling me name telling me to go back home. One day I got mad and hit one them
than they just jump me beat me up I ran home told my mom she said to go back at there and fight them
so I did after we fought we all became friend. We all walk to school everyday for fun stay out late
go to each other house sleep there go play ball at the park with the big kids. one day my friend mom
didn't pick us up from school so we had to walk home from school it was cold we stared to
cry I could walk no more so I stop took a break for a little bite than I stared to walk again as
soon as we got home we went to sleep for two hour and so. Moving to Tennessee as we got to Tennessee
my dad brother was at the airport waiting for us to come two hour after we hit Tennessee we went out
to eat at BK. It was fun for a while until I went to school. My cousin go there to so it was not bad
at school after school was cool because my cousin always come over to my house to play video game my
always hate us because we miss up the house for fun. I met my first friend next door from my house
we be came friend because I help him fight some people at school scenes' than we never had problem
no more they did not like us but we don't care we just want to go school and go home for the day.
Forget this everyday we run home for fun but one day my friend did not come school so there I was
alone no one to talk to some girl came up to me and said can I sit down I said ok. She asks me if I
was new I said yes I am new around here. She said you want me to show you around town see the play
ground and other thing like the mall and the ymca. So after school we left school took a walk around
the town .One day I was walking by myself when I found 200$ dollar. After I found the money I went
to the movie with my friend and the girl I like as so as we got done watching the movie we left to
get something eat than we all left and went home as so as I got I told my brother that I found 200 $
dollar he said to give him heft of the money I said no. he told my mom that I took some money from
him I said no I didn't I found the money on the street. The next day I went to school my friend
said that he lost 200$ dollar yesterday he is mad I don't know what to say to him so I didn't
say anything he asks me why am I very quite I said I don't know. So I left went to my classroom as
so as I got in the class the girl that I like was in the there so we talk like all day we never stop
talking about us being friend she told that she want go out me Friday I said okay I will meet you at
your house at 6:00pm she said okay do that than just come over when my mom is gone way to work. Its
Friday now I' am walking to her house to pick her so we left her house at 6:30 pm we went to the
movie was there for like 2hours just watching movie I didn't care because I'm using the money I
found on the street while she was playing the game. I was some where getting us something to eat and
something to drink it was fun hang out with the girl that I like. The next we went out again this
time she paid for our food and drink after that we went to my house hang out there for hours than I
walk her home. After I got home I was so tire to eat anything. I was Surrounding like no else went
to observe the new land, but I knew they just wanted my opinion to see if we all agreed about this
being the right move. Still it didn't really matter what I thought anymore because were already
here. Nothing could be done but laugh and act like I enjoyed it even when part of me wished I was
back in my old room waiting for one of my friends to come try to get me out of the house to head to
the lake or something. One of the few memories I have is of my friend dragging me out of the house
to swim because there weren't a lot of things to do. Even now it haunts me like a precious thought
slowly being forgotten and eventually replaced with something most people would consider a joke,
including myself. I guess that's why when people ask me about Africa I say I don't know--out of
pain still being kept for leaving not only my friends but also forgetting about them as well. I
learn back to the past will teach you more about yourself.

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