July 8, 2009
By Anonymous

My greatest fear? Irrelevance. Irrelevance as an entity, a spirit, a mind. What's my worth if I am irrelevant? I don't want to be nothing. I don't want to leave unknown, forgotten. I want the security of knowing that I did something to impact someone's life. That I made someone's day a little easier, I made someone a little happier, I want to know that I was meaningful to someone, that my existence meant something to the world. I think everyone is searching for a way to be remembered, everyone is afraid of irrelevance. Maybe that is why it is so hard yo be remembered, because everyone is trying to do it too. So what determines relevance? I'm not sure. Maybe it is just luck. If you are lucky, you will be relevant. So for those of us searching for our place in the world, searching for our meaning in life. I guess all I have to say is, "Good Luck"

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