38 People Drop The Ball

January 13, 2009
By Shane Albrecht, Pewaukee, WI

In the article " Who Saw Murder Didn't Call The Police", the author, M.G tells of a shocking and quite grotesque murder that took place on March 27, 1964. C.G was stabbed to death by W.M outside of her apartment in Queens. Thirty-five minutes elapsed before the authorities were called to the scene. She was dead by then.

What could cause such a rash, yet meticulous attack? Why was a neighborhood so lax to a murder occurring outside their place of residence? Mr. Moseley stabbed her three separate times, each time being interrupted and driving off, only to come back to finish the job. Residents said they didn't want to get involved, but why wouldn't they try and help her when he left? Because they failed to obviate the situation, they were left with a lurid scene on the steps of their apartment building along with a deep scar on their conscience.

It makes me sick. Thirty-eight people witnessed a murder and did not call the police until she was dead. Think about if you were in Mrs. G's place. You are being sporadically stabbed to death as your neighbors watch. You are outside of your domicile, but no one helps you as you cling to life. She died because no one helped her. When the police were called, it took them two minutes to arrive on the scene.

There is no excuse for their carelessness. No quip or conjecture can make ignoring a murder okay. As a citizen you are required to take action if you witness a crime or murder. You can be charged for negligence or as an accomplice in the murder. I still can't get over the fact that 38 people could be so irresponsible when a life is left in their hands.

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