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May 19, 2009
By Kayla Heier SILVER, Colgate, Wisconsin
Kayla Heier SILVER, Colgate, Wisconsin
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Kayla H. resides in the boonies of Wisconsin. Though her residencies never stick; staying in one place for too long in her opinion becomes boring. Though writing and painting are hobbies of hers she plans on eating when she gets older, so becoming a starving artist is out of the question. Kayla’s goals are about as clear as mud; the only legitimate goal she has is not to die of boredom. She wants to travel everywhere around the world, but not for work. She aspires to be influential in the world (Dali Lama influential, not Hitler influential). Kayla looks everywhere for inspiration to help her writings. She believes anything can teach you something. Which is particularly easy for her because her mind wonders all the time, especially when she’s trying to focus. Kayla hopes to one day write a memoir and not bore the world to death with it while simultaneously not making her parents disown her.
“The more you learn the more life feels like a web, it’s all connected and sticky.”

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