Life in Black and White

May 18, 2009
By SweetxTears SILVER, Buffalo, New York
SweetxTears SILVER, Buffalo, New York
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a man once said that he had a dream. this man's dream told us about equality throughout this great country called America. i think that the star that this man wished on for this dream didn't work. the school i come from the streotypes and rasicms smothers me. i'm a african american girl and at my school i forced to be something i'm not. i'm suppose to fall into the status qou of my race that has been laid of for me. i'm expected to use slang, love kool-aid, be great at sports and always be up to no good. the whites in my school are accepted by others easily, preppy, and unintelligent. my former best friend was white, she to has fallen into the realm of racism and streotypes. it tore my heart when she demanded that i tie her shoes, like i'm below her. i'm called an "oreo" black on the outside but white in due to the way i speak and who my friends are. racism strangles the very life out of my breath. it's here every moment of the day, like a mocking shadow. but no matter the pain I'm given i have to accept that me being who i am will deny what color i look like.

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