Tolerance can be a reality

March 25, 2009
By jianna zeltner BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
jianna zeltner BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Have you ever prejudged someone based on there religion? Tolerance can be a reality in today’s society and we should all learn from the past about how the prejudice people were in the Great Depression. Communication and forgiveness are the keys to tolerances in the current day. We can also do good deeds that people will remember forever.
First of all, I believe tolerance can be a reality because history can teach us important lessons about all the prejudices around the world and we need to stop the wrong. For example in The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne said “ there is goodness in everyone and everyone has goodness at heart. This message shows communication and forgiveness is the key to power.
Secondly, Rachel’s Challenge was an inspiration to me because it taught me a very important lesson. The message and lesson that I learned was that everyone can start a chain reaction and change the world when it comes to prejudice. The message is we are all able to show kindness and perform good deeds which people will remember forever instead of the bad things that someone done to them or they have seen.
Lastly, going to The Museum of Tolerance was an experience I’ll never forget. It showed how horrible people could be to one another. The message I left with from The Museum of Tolerance was what happened in the holocaust should never be repeated and has taught us not to be prejudice because of someone’s religion.
In conclusion, I believe that tolerance can be a reality because what we have seen, and read, helps us to understand prejudice in today’s society. It helps us to learn about what is happening in our current day and to recognize this prejudice still exists in today’s culture.

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