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Being a Transgender Teen
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A big round of applause to Phoenix for his article "Being a Transgender Teen". Phoenix is very brave for not caring "what anyone says". The LGBTQ struggle because they are different from the “straight”. They face... (more »)
A Stranger in the House
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Thank you Alexandra D. for sending a powerful message about family and life cycle through your article A stranger in the house. The message I received from this article is, sad events might occur and we mourn over it, but in the end we will be... (more »)
Fairy Tales
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I found Zoe S.'s article moving because even though her relationship with her mother was not ideal in her perspective I could feel the unconditional love that she has for her mom through her use of diction. When she mentioned "[she]... (more »)
The Best Kind of Medicine
By , Phoenix, AZ
A big round of applause for Victoria W. for her article "The Best Kind of Medicine." I think that her article was well written. I also believe that laughing is the best kind of medicine. Not only that, laughing tells us that we... (more »)
Black Panther
Although I have not yet seen Black Panther, I do understand the difference it is making. Tammy M.’s article "Black Panther" discusses the film along with the realization of Hollywood. As I witness firsthand what this film does... (more »)
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I found Ayla D.’s article “Angles” extremely interesting but I couldn’t relate to her brilliance in math. She had mentioned, “while my entire class struggled with fractions, I was working with decimals.”... (more »)
Feedback to "Change Is Permanent"
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Dear Salone,   I fully understand what you’re saying and why you took your time to write about it in your article “Change is Permanent”. That in the end, you can’t exactly stay neutral during this new... (more »)
The Hypebeast
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I can, somewhat, relate to Danial M., especially in the last paragraph, as i feel that when I try to bring up important issues about the world, I get tuned out for a conversation about a white jacket that costs $600 coming out soon, or shoes... (more »)
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I can relate to Adrienne D. when he wrote about headphones in his poem. Whenever I am down, I just plug in my headphones in my ears. Music really soothes me and sets the mooed. It calms me down and lets my mind race. But at my own pace.... (more »)
Music and Me
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dear jocelyn, People can use music to express themselves, in ways it can’t be expressed through behavior, or art. You can usually tell how someone’s feeling by the type of music he or she is listening to at the time. It’s a tool used by... (more »)
I Am a Feminist
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I can relate to Liana Y. in ,I am a Feminist, when she says,”my school isn’t teaching me about equal rights”. My school specks about it, but never enough of it. I wish my school had a program or a class were we learn about... (more »)
I found David’s article to be extremely moving. In the article, David goes into great detail about the rapper Joyner Lucas, who’s lyrics are known to be “spine-chilling”. And how he raps from a point a view duality. Unlike any other modern... (more »)
Feedback on Manual Scavenging
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“Manual Scavenging: The World’s Most Ignored Violation of Human Rights” by Renuka M. is a shockingly honest informative piece on the problem of manual labor, specifically in India. The piece starts off with a brief introduction... (more »)
Feedback on "waiting for the morning... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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     Power is only distributed to those who give it, so to see character development through an unlit cigarette is an impressive, yet motivating feat. In the fiction piece, “waiting for the morning sun,” Mai and Zuko, exes who dated in... (more »)
Feedback on Parkland's Tragedy This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time.
It is clear that we can all agree that the mass shooting in Parkland was a tragedy. Katherine Holmes of “Parkland’s Tragedy” explains this unfortunate event effectively. However, her vision of immediate gun banning is something that... (more »)
Parkland's Tragedy This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The article supports the idea of gun control, very strict gun control in America. I do agree, that mass shootings, anywhere, perhaps, are devastating to the family of the loved ones, especially in school where there are students and that's not... (more »)
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