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Here is the most recent letters to the editor:

The Blue Album by Weezers
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I wholeheartedly agree with Anthony V. in the article "The Blue Album." Their album does let me forget about my personal problems even if its just for awhile, Listening to the whole album makes me think "I shouldn't let these... (more »)
#hashtags This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“#hashtags” by Adam L. is a slap in the face. Adam describes how hashtags were once used as a “symbol of inner clarity coupled with outward connectivity, a brilliant idea to socialize with the masses.” We used to be able... (more »)
love letter to my body This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“love letter to my body” by “Angie” is an extremely well-written poem. Angie cleverly depicts the life of a self-abusive teenager from a different perspective: her own body’s. Her writing is relatable and speaks to... (more »)
Music Has Made Me Antisocial This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I can relate to Alice I.’s poem “Music has made me antisocial” in that I would consider music my life now. I love that she doesn’t directly use bands’ names, but hints at them. For instance, instead of saying... (more »)
Pity Party This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
I found Haley W.’s article “Pity Party” deeply relatable. She writes about her insecurities created by society and the media. This issue is becoming very common among young people. Haley depicts the media perfectly, as a cruel... (more »)
Dreams This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Following your dream is hard, but sharing your dream is harder. People will tell you that it is stupid, that you should give up, that you shouldn’t get your hopes too high. If you keep your dream a secret no one can tell you it is... (more »)
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the maze runner
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I found James Dashner's article about, "The Maze Runner,"extremely moving. The Maze Runner is one of those book I would read. I love how he states," The movie suprpasses the book". That got my attention because now I will put that quote to that... (more »)
My Sporty Family
I can relate to Judith Ha in her Article "My Sporty Family." Like hers, my family is into sports.  In her article, Judith had mentioned that her uncle richie was very out going we all have that one family member where relaxing isn't an option.... (more »)
"1% Survival Rate"
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   I found Trey Buzzard's "1% Survival Rate" article very insipring. Buzzard was born with STXBP2; a very rare disease. He was given a less then 1% chance of surviving; but Buzzard did survive It is inspiring because he is the first person to... (more »)
"Dancing in the air"
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I found Dany Nagle's article "Dancing in the air" moving and I can also relate to the joys of dancing. I can relate because Dany talks about how dancing makes her feel, "And when I nail a new move, I'm on top of the world...", I feel the same... (more »)
My Boys
By , Phoenix, AZ
The article, "My Boys" by Angel Dye is an excellent article because the article is talking about black boys getting killed off or put away in jail for 100 years. Angel says in her article, "Every black mother sigh of relief is that their black... (more »)
Morning on the Beach
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In Paola de Varona's article, "Morning on the Beach" it exemplifys a well written paper. I can relate to Paola when she talks about the beach being a treasure. i strongly support Paola in her article because i too believe the beach is a treasure... (more »)
Silence is Golden
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I wholeheartedly agree with Kiana Blount in her article "Silence is Golden." As Kiana Blount wrote an article about her experience of being quiet in school and everyone sharing their thoughts and opinions of telling her to speak up," I agree... (more »)
A thanksgiving tradition
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I found David Paticoff's article, extremely moving. I agree with Thanksgiving traditions, because almost every family celebrates Thanksgiving a different way. Many people have different foods or eat at a different time of day. I support... (more »)
1% Survival Rate
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In this article "1% Survival Rate", written by Trey Buzzard. He was born with a rare genetic condition that doesn't even have a name. He called it "Treys condition," but the doctors treating him call it "STXBP2". He was the first person to be... (more »)
Saving Private Ryan
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I found Michael Cole's review on " Saving Private Ryan," extremely exciting and interesting. Cole explained the movie in a mysterious way that would make you want to watch the movie. He included interesting facts like " the movie cost $70... (more »)
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