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Here is the most recent letters to the editor:

The YOLO Epidemic
Nasia Kayfetz makes a strong argument about the common saying, "YOLO" in her article, "The YOLO Epidemic." Yolo, or you only live once, has been used because teens think that life is too short. Nasia argues that people are... (more »)
Like OMG hi
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I can relate to Elizabeth Corning when she wrote about cheerleading in her peom "Like OMG Hi" because people at my high school judge cheerleaders in a very similar manner. Other students usually think that we are dumb, stuck up, rude,... (more »)
Fast-Food Nation
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In Allison’s article, “Fast-Food Nation,” she goes on about how convenient and good for your dollar fast food chains are in America. Allison seems like she’s joking around at first, but in the end, we learn that she’s serious about the... (more »)
Someone Else's Problem
I found "Lucas's" article "Someone Else's Problem" extremely moving. sometimes adults go through a hard time and have problems they can't solve. "All he does is put himself in a state where he doesn't... (more »)
Miracle Grow
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I found Brendan McGuigans article "Miracle Grow" quite interesting. I like how he portrayed himself as wanting to be taller due to his height basically describing him. People would know him as the "short guy" when he was more... (more »)
Beauty Within
I wholeheartedly agree with Kristin Hopkins in her article “Beauty Within.” People shouldn’t be judged based on appearances but what’s inside. It seems that the only people you can rely on are your family and friends, but even they can’t... (more »)
My life is made up of seconds
"My life is made up of seconds" is written by Kaitlyn Snayczak, and I wholeheartedly agree with her. One of the passages that relates to me is that when she said, "Second in a game". For example, whenever my soccer team has a... (more »)
I Like/ I Hate
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"I hate when people cry and I can't help" wrote Sami Ng in her article, "I Like/ I Hate" makes me rethink about what I like/dislike. I guess other people hate being helpless too especially just standing there seeing those... (more »)
Fast-Food Nation
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In Allison's article, "Fast-Food Nation," she vividly describes the effects of fast food restaurants in America. Americans are getting fatter and fatter every second. Allison states, "that 70 percent of adults in the U.S. are... (more »)
Unwrapping a Present
In "Unwrapping a Present", by Aurora Phillips, the author talks about her experience dissecting the uterus of a pregnant female rat, and the wonder it instilled in her. Though it might sound gross, the author, like many others interested... (more »)
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Katie Stanley-Paul’s “Untouchable” immediately draws in readers with its distinctive phrasing and writing style. Within a few paragraphs, Katie expresses the action between the final steps of race and the moment of crossing the finish line,... (more »)
So What If We Can't Vote?
Through the passionate article “So What If We Can’t Vote?” the author explained our nation’s growing problem. Both voters and underage citizens, especially teenagers, are growing increasingly ignorant to political matters. In today’s... (more »)
Beauty Within
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In Kristin Hopkin's "Beauty Within" piece, I felt my heart go out to her. Here is a regular teenage girl doing what lots of teenage girls these days do, when a stranger calls her ugly. This happens to countless girls and affects... (more »)
Needing Success Like Air
In her article, "Needing Success Like Air," Corey Ogles describes her moment of inspiration. Drowning in the ocean and struggling to find air, instead of her life flashing before her eyes, all she saw was her future. She felt like she... (more »)
Back to the Future
Nicole Tsin’s movie review on Back to the Future has persuaded me to watch a movie that I would normally not be interested in viewing. The review got me intrigued right in the beginning. Nicole gave us a scene to imagine ourselves in where we... (more »)
Feedback - "Fast-Food Nation"
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Reading “Fast-Food Nation” by “Allison” made me want to flip my table. Her support of fast-food restaurants was at first odd, but as the article went on, made me outright outraged. She even had the nerve to make statements like “Simply... (more »)
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