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Don't Deport Dreamers This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I wholeheartedly agree with Andy Z. on not deporting dreamers because they haven't done anything bad to America, they haven't harmed anyone and all they really want is to educate themselves in order to get an amazing job. Immigrants... (more »)
Runner Down
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I wholeheatedly agree with Annah in her article "Runner Down" that getting the place you want is the best feeling ever. After she finished the race she said,"I am not even bothered by the girl vomiting beside me, because all I... (more »)
Ode to Rice
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A big round of applause to Kristof C. for his article "Ode to rice". This beautiful poem tells the love and the appreciation of rice. It goes into detailon how rice is "far greater than Alexander!" telling how rice is more... (more »)
The Sound of One Person Clapping
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I can relate to Ann V. when she wrote "The Sound of One Person Clapping". I disagree with her coach because he asks her why she does it. Ann does it beacuse it shows respect. When Ann says "yeah, it's not supposed to... (more »)
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I found Alica M.`s article "ohisashiburidesu" relatable because I myself am a seconed year forigne language student. I also study Japanese, and it is wonderful to go inside what the language means to someone. I enjoy the class very... (more »)
An Open Letter to My Mom This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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An Open Letter to My Mom, by Odette is such a beautiful message, not just to her mother, but to every parent in the world. It's satisfying to read something considered "taboo" and to hear everyone speak their minds. I for one... (more »)
IT : Chapter one
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Dear Maeve B., thank you for your review on the horror film "IT". I believe that horror movies are not as fearsome as they may appear, due to the fact that it is easy to tell the difference between the real filmed thing or the fake... (more »)
Consume Me
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The poem "Consume Me" by Gabrielle H. really has a way letting the wrods show me what it is like to be eaten at. In this case, it would be consumed through emotion. There is so much emotion built up, it turns into need of isolation as... (more »)
What We Do and Why It Matters
By , Belton, SC
I used to think that cutting was something to joke about and make fun of, but now that most of my friends are cutters I see the impact it has on people, but at least I don't. not anymore at least. It makes me hate the bullies and those who make... (more »)
Feedback on No, You Can't Say the N-Word This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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  "No, You Can't Say the N-Word" by Chidinma Agbo, is an article about non-black individuals that want to say the N-word, and why these individuals shouldn't say it. "Instead of saying the n-word," she writes,... (more »)
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Stay. Don't Leave Us So Soon!
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The day a man decides that there is no purpose in living is the day he dies. The day a man decides to stop trying to survive is the day he dies. There is a correlation between the will to live and living. If you don't take up the goblet of... (more »)
Building My Family This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Madelyne Taylor's article is easily able to relate to those bonds that may be small, but come on as a family. I myself am part of a trumpet section that had once started small. My section leader was among the best, but he struggled to control... (more »)
Commuting to College
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I would like to thank Brenna D. for writing this amazing article. I am in my last year of High School and I feel like throwing up just thinking about having to go to college. Many cannot wait to pack there things and go. I on the other hand am... (more »)
Dear College
By , phoenix, AZ
I can relate to Helen when she wrote about college in her article that is called "Dear College" because I want to go to college, but I feel like my grades will not get me in. In addition, I really like how Helen wrote in second person saying,... (more »)
Should We Take Down Rebel Statues?
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I whole-heartedly agree with Molly's "Should We Take Down Rebel Statues" and the idea of meeting in the middle on the issue of Confederate statues. I also agree that some of these statues should remain as they "honor and commemorate all of the... (more »)
With Ink as My Voice
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Reading the college essay “With Ink as My Voice” by Megan F., it was interesting for her to start the essay in the past as an eight year old at her grandparent’s house. It was interesting to see throughout the essay how a... (more »)
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