Fairy Tales

May 10, 2018
By graciej09 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
graciej09 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Zoe S.'s article moving because even though her relationship with her mother was not ideal in her perspective I could feel the unconditional love that she has for her mom through her use of diction. When she mentioned "[she] was a magnet;people were just attracted to her" reminded me of my mom. Like her mother, people felt comfortable to go up to my mom and lay all their burdens on the table. Sometimes it was scary because she was comfortble around someone she did not even know;however, other times i was fascinated by the way my mom smiled and chose her words. Zoe has overcome so much at a young age and i have been whining to my mother over what is fair or not. After reading this i think about the reasons why my mom told me to smile at every passing stranger/vagabond and understand why listening to someone is the best medicine for those who are in pain. I think sometimes us humans forget the value of the things we have around us and hold other things to greater importance. After a person we love is sadly torn away from our lives we learn to cherish the memories those people left us with and try harder to not let the next thing slip away. We should spend less time distancing ourselves from those who have hurt us and communicate how we feel because time is prescious. And we dont know when it will just stop.

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