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April 30, 2018
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It is clear that we can all agree that the mass shooting in Parkland was a tragedy. Katherine Holmes of “Parkland’s Tragedy” explains this unfortunate event effectively. However, her vision of immediate gun banning is something that doesn't sit well.
     Crimes and murders will always happen no matter what measures are done to prevent them. Take the gun ban from Britain for instance. According to this author, “Great Britain enacted strict gun laws…and there have been no mass school shootings since.” Though that may have been true, with a quick search on the internet, one can see that the crime/ homicide rates actually increased after the ban, before eventually falling down several years later. People find different ways to kill people, not just with guns.  Arming teachers isn't a perfect idea, but could help reduce the chances of a whole school being held hostage by one kid with a semi automatic rifle, or an AR-15 for example. In the end, dedicated murderers will always find ways to kill others, but banning some people's only means of self defense isn't the solution.

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