Parkland's Tragedy

April 29, 2018
By color SILVER, NY, New York
color SILVER, NY, New York
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The article supports the idea of gun control, very strict gun control in America. I do agree, that mass shootings, anywhere, perhaps, are devastating to the family of the loved ones, especially in school where there are students and that's not good. But you can't call for stricter gun control. It's not the guns fault, in fact, it's the person who has the gun. If you have a mentally ill person who has a gun and is planning on using it, you have a big problem. So people with a history of mental health issues shouldn't be allowed a gun. Also the idea of banning of guns... like banning alcohol (18th Amendment), if you ban something or tell someone that they can't do something, they will more likely wonder to do it, its basic human instinct. If you make guns illegal, criminals won't even care because they don't follow laws... hence them being criminals, they'll still get guns. I call on more stricter background checks and hiring of more experienced persons up for the job, and more mental screenings. Its not the gun's fault, it's ours.

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