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Feedback on My Secret

April 25, 2018
By SabinaZ SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
SabinaZ SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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The poem My secret by Jacqueline D. explains how it feels to have a secret. Jacqueline did a good job comparing having a splinter, and having a secret. The secret constantly gives the speaker butterflies in her stomach, for just thinking about it.  By the end of the poem the speaker explains that if a person does not take out their splinter then it will start to rot bringing more pain, just like keeping a secret for too long. This is why the speaker plans to tell the secret tomorrow. I really liked how this poem was written, and how well Jacqueline compared the splinter and keeping a secret.

The poem My Secret can relate to many people, because everybody at one point keeps a secret whether it is a small one or a huge one. Everybody wants to get their secret off of their chests, but just like the speaker says they are afraid of the pain that goes with it. It states “It twists and it writhes and it burns and it makes me queasy”. Just like keeping a secret, everybody has had this feeling before. This poem relates to people who have not even kept a secret because of the different feelings it describes. Therefore, I liked the poem My Secret by Jacqueline D., and would recommend it to other people.

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