Feedback on Why I'm Choosing a Different University Than My Twin

April 25, 2018
By Anonymous

In Why I'm Choosing a Different University Than My Twin, Julia offers valuable insight on her life as a twin. She tells us the negative outcomes of going to the same school as her brother, David, but also recalls her good academic experiences with him. Julia goes on to tell us how distance away from David might actually be good for her, and would allow her to independently develop in her own way instead of being tied together to her twin.

Although I'm not able to personally connect to her experiences, Julia was still able to connect her piece to an overarching theme. She says, "Of course, not everyone has a twain, so my general advice for people starting university is to not get tied down to an identity that might have followed you through elementary and secondary school." Julia has observed more personal growth for herself when she let go of that "together forever" mentality with her twin after they separated for college. This goes to show that nobody needs to feel obliged to act the same, feel the same, or be the same person they used to be in the past.

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