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Feedback on Cancer

April 24, 2018
By AngelinaC GOLD, Staten Island, New York
AngelinaC GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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One of the most beautifully written poems, “Cancer” by Ariana M. portrays a life succumbing to cancer. Ariana personifies Cancer, using the pronoun “she.” By personifying Cancer, one could feel the relentless struggle the narrator experiences upon realizing that the one she loves was being taken away from her due to a fatal illness. By using phrases such as,“But then she got her cold spindly hands on you,” Ariana creates beautiful imagery which can only be described as illustrating one’s encounter with death.

The relationship between the speaker and the one that had passed one is illustrated perfectly in the lines, "I was willing to fight for you, was willing/ to be your strength where yours was lost./ But my fight soon ended when your eyes /closed with your last heartbeat.” By being willing to fight for the one that had passed, the speaker displays her close relationship with the person the poem is about. This also shows a sense a desperation, since the narrator is willing to do anything for the one with cancer. When the character is pronounced dead, the speaker portrays an unspoken anguish, which further pulls at the reader’s heartstrings.

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