Feedback on When a Six-Year-Old Girl Says She Wants To Be a Unicorn

April 24, 2018
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“When a Six-Year-Old Girl Says She Wants To Be a Unicorn” is a poem written by Em D. that spoke to my inner child. Em highlights the perks of being a little kid. Six year old girls can wear “clip-on earrings, or watch Disney Channel,/ Or effectively suck on a lollipop.” They don't really have to understand how society works because they're already living in their own world. That's not necessarily a bad thing since childhood is supposed to be an enjoyable memory.

I've realized that the time when I was a child was a golden era, but having to grow up was the worst part. Children can be careless and they think that anything can happen (such as becoming a unicorn). When we come to our senses as older people, reality can be harsh. The world is sometimes just a really terrible place with a lot of violence. Other times, a lot of useless information floats around the internet; “Kim Kardashian’s latest butt implant” is nothing to be so interested about. Let children be unicorns and adults be fantastical creatures, too.

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