Parkland’s Tragedy

April 9, 2018
By Jackielion SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Jackielion SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Thank you Katherine Holtz for writing this article so beautifully. Your tribute to all the protests going on really help spread the word of a gun reform. As a high school student I find this gun reform very important to me because there should not be any chance of me and peers getting killed by a gun that was triggered from one of my peers. I think that writing that article was a great move in order to bring attention to this movement
I am sure that this helped reach out to many students who read the magazine. Thank you again for bringing attention to this subject with this platform. This helps show the people that support assault weapons to be owned by citizens that the next generation will not tolerate such ignorance and that we are not just sitting on our phones all day but we are fully aware of the world we live in.

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