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What We Lost in the Hurricane

April 6, 2018
By J-Castro SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
J-Castro SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Gabriela M. article on "What We Lost in the Hurricane" extremely moving as she explained their situation in Puerto Rico. Whenever I hear about a hurricane hitting a specific part of the world, I get worried about the people because I can't imagine how I would react or do if a hurricane were to hit or already hit my home. Gabriela does a great job explaining about her thoughts while experiencing the hurricane and I'm glad she was one of the "lucky ones" who wasn't vastly effected from Hurricane Maria. While reading about the unfortunate people who got their homes destroyed, I also felt bad because one day their lives were normal, then it gets hit by a category 5 hurricane, and the next thing they know, their lives are getting complicated. Thanks to Gabriela M., I now value my life and don't have to worry about experiencing something that devastating.

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