Mental Toughness on the Mats

April 6, 2018
By TaniaMedina SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
TaniaMedina SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I can relate to Eric F. when he wrote, Mental Toughness on the Mats, because he talks about not giving up. I agree when his coach says,” It’s all in the head”. It’s true, most of the time when you’re losing, you let your head take over. Doing that makes you lose your focus and your confidence. That’s letting your head beat you. I can also relate again to Eric Fang because I play soccer, and when we would get scored on, I would let my head think that we are going to lose the game. But now I know that you just have to keep trying harder and harder if you really want to win. Thank you Eric, for letting me know that you could defeat the bad thoughts in your head and take a victory.

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