Destiny 2

April 6, 2018
By Boyer SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Boyer SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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 Dear Marco’s Maria, I’m very happy that you took your time to write your review of Destiny 2. That you written a very well paced review talking about how destiny 2 has these amazing “... vast, open planets” that even sometimes excite me, but sadly, even that won’t let me agree with your review, and here’s why. First, Destiny 2 locked out end game content from the main game so you have to pay for that content. After the first DLC came out, the curse of osiris, much of the end game content was locked out of the game and fitted as a “feature” into the dlc when it was in the main game all along. It’s like getting a hamburger from Mcdonald’s with chess, pickles, lettuce and the beef, and then having to get your lettuce taken away until you buy their fries. It sucks, badly, now that's what happened after the game first released which is why I’ll be going more in-depth into why I don’t like D2(destiny 2). Another thing about D2 is that the multiplayer after a while feels, the same, like the first Destiny. The world’s of have these amazing art style that even makes me want to play, but, graphics don’t matter if the game isn’t fun. Take a look at the order 1886, beautiful game, but not very fun to play, the gameplay after a few months fews boring and too easy. The enemies never feel alive, they almost never seek cover, they just stand there, take a few steps back, and shoot you, slowly. At first you won’t notice that because you’re excited blowing stuff up emoting and completing the game, but, after you do, the game feels lazy. The game with the multiplayer, even though these enemies actually seek cover and have a few clever tricks, the game, still feels the same, plus, it doesn’t help that you usually get bad, boring items. Even though you may get that awesome piece of armor you always wanted, it doesn’t feel like you accomplish something, it just feels like you got it from a random slot machine, unless you got it from the raid, which also feels repetitive, so there’s no massive bragging that you can do, there none of that, it’s usually just, that you got it from the in game slot machine. Plus, one last thing, the D2 player base is rapidly falling because of how repetitive the game feels to people, plus all the scams and sneaky things Bungie and activision did and got caught doing it, it’s sad. Look, I know that everyone has a different taste, a different style, some like RPG, while others like MMOs, but even I was excited for D2, and for me, it became disappointing, but I thank you Macro, for pointing out your point of view. 

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