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Black Panther

April 6, 2018
By JL_32 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
JL_32 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I can relate to Ayinde R.'s review on Marvel's Black Panther. Black Panther is a marvelous well-done film (no pun intended). I agree with Ayinde's review that this movie is really good. I would like to add some things. First off, this film did not have any unnecessary cameo just to promote their movie or do nothing to the story. Captain America: Civil War featured an unnecessary apearance from Spider Man. Spider Man did not do anything relevant to the plot. He was just there to promote his upcoming movie aqnd to have a few cool scenes. Next, the villan in Black Panther is amazing. Michael B. Jordan did an excellent job on his portrayal of Erik Killmonger. His motives made sense to me and believe it or not i actually feel him. He wants to be king and will do anything to get the crown. He seemed a cool assasain who did not care about the Wakanda traditions or thier culture. He was reckless and killed anybody who got in his way no matter who or what it was. All he has ever wanted to do his take the throne that he has desired since a kid. And if that means killing T'challa, then so be it. Finally, I would like to add that this movie perfected the Black Panther moniker. his character development was great as well. It made the fans love him even more. I bet that if this movie had not release, he would not get as much praise or attention than now. Chadwick Boseman is awesome. Thank you Ayinde for expressing how you feel on Black Panther. Good review on the last stop before Infinity War.

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