How I Feel About Catcalling

March 28, 2018
By Anonymous

The writing titled “How I Feel About Catcalling,” written by Juliette C., talks about her first time being catcalled.  Her writing left me feeling interested.  I chose to read this article because catcalling is something that girls have to deal with on a daily basis.  I understand this article because catcalling is part of the society we live in today.  I thought the imagery in this article was done very well when Carbonnier said, “…he raised his eyebrows in the grotesquely sexual manner.”  I can visualize the way she described what the man was doing.  Also, I can relate to when Juliette says, “…when I’m ignored, I’m still at fault because I wasn’t being pretty enough.”  I can relate to that because no matter what girls do, they always get attacked for not being good enough or acting to good for everyone else.  This article written by Juliette C. about catcalling was written very well, and I enjoyed reading it.

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