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Manual Scavenging:A violation f Human Rights

April 6, 2018
By Panda.Bear BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Panda.Bear BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Renuka Murthi's article, exceedingly meritorious because it cautiously reflects the societal flaws of every community. For decades he Caste System patronized each individual toa locked social hiearchy, where people are polluted by traditional egoism of wealth and social heritage. " There exist individuals who are bound by chains od desitiution in the shadows, being stripped of their dignity, self-worth, and health( Murthi)". Habita such as societal standards and stereotypes of blaming the humble quantity of people has and will plow their subconscious to value oneself as despicable. No one should be categorized: untouchables, disgrace, and contaminated. Because we all bleed red blood and decay into the Earth's atmosphere. Thank you Renuka Murthi, for reminding me of the privilege and fortune I have and to treasure every miniature of care for the small things.

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