Don't Pray for Me by Haley Long

April 5, 2018
By Alonderz26 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Alonderz26 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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  Haley Long's article, "Don't Pray for Me" was very eye-opening and relatable to any student including myself as we fear our lives in the place we would've least expected: school. Long demonstrates her rage towards the lack of action from Capitol Hill to prevent these future tragedies from occurring instead of their "empty prayers." Many students and others in general can agree with Long's view since those with power to end this deadly cycle are not doing their job but instead giving "[their] prayers, and [their] broken hearts and [their] condolences." Haley Long's article is empowering in showing the nightmare students are facing and it is significant people like her bring awareness to such a vital issue. Thank you Haley for not letting the weak actions of others shut you down but rather letting that ignite your passion for change. 

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