Procrastination is Stress

April 5, 2018
By Clarinet_God SILVER, Phoenix , Arizona
Clarinet_God SILVER, Phoenix , Arizona
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The stress of school is prominent, and as a current highschool student I will not pretend thats its nonexistent. But from much experience and observation, I have come to realize that a significant chunk of stress that kids are burdened with are caused by their own merit. Procrasination has long been a developing problem to not only students, bit to adults as well. And as an avail AP student, I feel my opinion is not misplaced. While maintaining my GPA of a 4.0, most of the stress that i have endured has been by my own hand. By my own procrasination. Despite all of the homework, community service, and other work that I am involved in, I must admit that I still have enough free time to finish my required tasks without haveing to freak out or pull an all- nighter ( which i have done many times). I have stayed up late in puddles of my own tears while I watch one more review video, squeeze in that last essay. This constant array of teenagers claiming the enourmous stress level that school requires, I believe, is not accurate. Granted that everyone handles stress differently, and every course is different, I understand that school may have a more negative effect on some people. But if "25% of teens suffer from anxiety" like shelby lanser says in the article, the answer to the problem must go beyond the old ' theres too much homework'. Highschool is meant to teach you to manage yourself and pull through tough tasks. And if you can't achieve that understanding, than college is going to be no picnic for you either.

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