My Secret

April 5, 2018
By Anonymous

A secret is something so sacred that it makes everyone afraid to share their's. It's what makes you for who you are. Not only does Jacqueline Dorman share the pain that follows in keeping it, but also makes herself vulnerable to show the pain and it's affects it has on someone. The comparison that Jacqueline uses is perfect for comparing a secret. She says "keeping a secret is like having a splinter" and then goes on in explaining how it is a dreadful thing to take off but also to keep. I agree very much with the author because of how a secret is like having a double life. A part of you that is hidden away because of the fear of being judged and criticized. Just by using this simile it connects the reader with the author because of how we have all gotten a splinter before and have experienced this horrific event. It ruins the keeper from the inside and out. Because of the authors poem and how vivid it was written, the reader now knows how keeping a secret may feel. I too have a secret of my own and just reading this gives me the chills of even thinking about "getting rid of the splinter." Secrets have become something so valuable in today's society because of how gossip has become the meal that people crave for, now in days. The author sets an image by taking the step in taking her splinter off. Thank you, Jaqueline Dormam, for giving us this wonderful piece of writing. I hope one day I could be brave as you and pull off my splinter.

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