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April 5, 2018
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As a current Junior, I can definitely relate to the fears and anxiety Shelby Lanser expresses in her article, "Stressing Over College." Although I am the oldest among my siblings, I know that my younger siblings share similar fears about my future in the same way that Lanser felt about her older sisters.

I dread college, and as a result, my siblings dread the inevitability of my graduation, which brings them closer to theirs. 

This is the anxiety that Lanser communuicates as she, like all other high school students, attempts to navigate growing up. Yet the simple job of growing up has become loaded down with anxieties that have never existed before. 

Lanser writes that "Personally," she has "seen how stress can afect teenagers," but Lanser has experienced this herself, just as every teenager in America has. 

As adults forget that teenagers are facing more challenges every year, it is important that teachers and parents acknowldge that their students are trying their best.

"Stressing Over College" has successfully revealed why teenagers have turned to drugs and acohol: stress. Her powerful stories about her sisters and herself illuminate the real life experiences and problems faced by students in America.

As a student myself, I appreciate her insight and commentary. Its nice to know that I am not the only student who feels this way. 

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