May ypu Find the Perfect Shoes

April 2, 2018
By graciej09 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
graciej09 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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A big round of applause for Vivian Che for her article "May you Find the Perfect Shoes" because it did an exeptional job at illustrating what most teens in high school go through today. She discusses in detail how she is smart and hardworking whose goal for college corrupted her perspective on how she should have live her life. Many teens who are in honors and ap courses get anxious if there grades drop and envy the people in their class who have A's. I know because that was me, I always looked up to those who worked day in and day out. However, hearing how "sleep-deprived" she as and how it lead to seruous anxiety really slaps me in the face. I never thought that those people stuggled as much as I did and second guessed themselves more then I would have. From this I realized the mistakes I am currently making because like Vivian I think if I keep pushing myself, study harder, or pay more attention- will somehow guarantee better chances when college gets closer, but there are other ways. In the end, I learned that grades do not make us; we make grades and that happens if we find a healthy strategies through making mistakes.

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