Review of Laid to Waste

March 29, 2018
By Anonymous

The writing titled “Laid to Waste”, written by Melissa, talks about her sister going through anorexia. Her writing left me feeling sad but at the same time I feel like it made me think about what other people have to go through. I don't relate to this poem but I've known people who have gone through the same situation. The words that Melissa uses to create imagery, really makes you think about anorexic people. “Blonde perfection, /a starving statue stubborn in her sickness”, this quote creates an image of a young anorexic girl. I have experience with people who have anorexia and that line described it well. “ She has need eighty-one pounds/ for years now, a young women chained to/ a decomposing body”, this quote describes how your body is practically decomposing due to anorexia

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