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Review of "Our Place in the Sun"

March 28, 2018
By TrishaBaldwin BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
TrishaBaldwin BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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“Our Place in the Sun,” a story about the innocent childhood memories two sisters shared, was heartwarming to me as it make me look back on the times I have shared with my own sister.  The description of their day outdoors felt similar to how ours always were:  “The August sun was reddening our necks as we filled our lungs with the smell of freshly mowed grass […].”  As I interpreted the vivid imagery in the well-written words of Nina Curran, I was instantly seven years old again in my own front yard.  The story of two sisters spending time together outside on a laid back, average day in August fled my memory with the blissful summer days of my own childhood.  As they zone out the rest of the world from the comfort of their decorated refrigerator box, I was reminded of the times when my sister and I wasted our days away in our own nifty hiding spots and fortresses.  At the end of the story, the girls are jolted from their moment of reminiscing and back into reality when Catherine, one of the sisters, asked, “Do you want to help me pick out some decorations for my dorm room?”  The bittersweet question is probably a similar one as to what I’ll ask my sister in the near future, all while remembering our well spent, childhood days similar to theirs.

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