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Review of My Scared Space

March 28, 2018
By BradyKillgallon BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
BradyKillgallon BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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“My Sacred Space,” by Philip L., talks about animals and their safety. His writing left me feeling that we need to protect animals’ safe place. I believe that all animals should feel safe at their home. I think that this is wrong. He writes "Hunters say they're ‘controlling the population,’ but what if a snake came up and bit one of your family members and they died? If the snake's excuse was ‘I'm controlling the population’, I don't think you would like snakes anymore." I agree with this statement because snakes shouldn't be killed because of "controlling the population" because they have family, too. I think this is right. He writes, "Cats have the power to heal. The purrs they emit when happy can heal their bones more quickly if they’re injured. If they lie on a human and purr, it can instantly boost your mood, whether you like cats or not.” I agree with this because it is very true.

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