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Prioritizing Yourself

March 28, 2018
By ConnerPeoples BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
ConnerPeoples BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “I Can’t Keep Prioritizing You,” written by Erin, talks about her toxic friendship.  Her writing was relatable and raw and made me feel as if I’m not alone.  Erin, you are strong for deciding to end a friendship to improve your wellbeing.  I have been through very similar things with a friend of my own.  Because of this friendship, I have found that the energy you put into a relationship does not always leave your glass half full.  I love my friend, but the constant worry I have for her leave my glass half empty.  I stopped caring about my own emotional wellbeing in order to improve hers.  “I can’t keep prioritizing you” is the simplest, and nicest, way to describe such situation.  People need space in order to fix problems at times, but space doesn’t mean an ended friendship.  I don’t think your friendship should be over, but if you are both happier it is ultimately for the best.

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