I Can't Keep Prioritizing You

March 28, 2018
By LibbeyPhipps BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
LibbeyPhipps BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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“I Can’t Keep Prioritizing You” by Erin shows how the friends of those with mental illnesses are impacted by the situation.  You often hear of the girls or guys who tried to commit suicide but never of their friends who tried dragging them away from this dark path while they refuse to budge.  Erin hits this hard when she writes, “…rivers of blood running down your bathroom tiles and all the way down to me and my life.”  This imagery explains how all the negative thoughts, feelings, and actions were passed on and sank into Erin’s life.  Erin gets so lost in all of her friend’s problems that she finds herself also slipping in to the darkness until she says, “I can’t keep prioritizing you.”  There are many other teens like Erin who feel the weight of others weighing them down because their friend can’t manage their own emotions.  This article highlights the problem with society and how teens feel:  it’s not okay to ask for help.

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