Review of "My Sacred Space"

March 28, 2018
By erika_2201 BRONZE, HOLGATE, Ohio
erika_2201 BRONZE, HOLGATE, Ohio
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In Philip L.'s writing "My Sacred Space," he writes about why animals are good and why they should be protected.  Philip explains how humans are ruining animals’ habitats, and I completely agree.  He said, "We're all part of one huge Earth that can't be replaced, so why would we destroy it?"  I agree and I think more people should think this way because if not the Earth will die.  However, I do disagree when he says, "Hunters say they're "controlling the population," but what if a snake came up and bit one of your family members and they died?  If the snakes excuse was "I'm controlling the population," I don't think you would like snakes anymore." Because I live in an area with so many hunters, I understand the value of them.  Hunters keep the population of animals down because without them almost all wildlife would perish.  Overpopulation would occur and it would be bad for people and wildlife.  I agree with the author’s message, but I think his examples could be more logical.

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