Review of "A Letter to My Acne"

March 28, 2018
By chloeraike BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
chloeraike BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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The writing titled “A Letter to my Acne,” written by Yenefiker A., talks about the struggles of self-image due to acne.  Her writing left me feeling hopeful for her. Yenefiker did a great job writing this article.  She uses amazing imagery and has a very extensive vocabulary.  One line that stood out was “I glowed with positivity, and laughter dripped out of my mouth as though it were the fountain of youth itself.” This was before the acne took over.  I like how positive that quote is.  She really displays her feelings throughout the article, which I enjoy.  Towards the end of the article she mentions how her acne has affected her and not exactly in a positive way. When she says, “I began to pick apart every flaw that I had.  I began to compare the angles and dips and curves of my body to that of a cover girl’s,” I can relate.  Yenefiker really digs deep into her emotions and leaves the reader feeling her pain but understanding her struggles.  I have hopes for Yenefiker that she will some day realize she is beautiful and others people’s opinions should not matter.

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