Review of "My Trip Halfway Around the World with Rustic Pathways"

March 28, 2018
By ChaseVollmar BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
ChaseVollmar BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In Jane Ely’s passage “My Trip Halfway Around the World with Rustic Pathways,” she is very informative and goes into great detail when talking about her trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ely states that “she was huge, old, and beautiful” when describing the elephant that she took care of during her time there. Ely had a very well-written article and really poured her thought and time into it. Her love for the trip and the activities she performed helped aid her in writing a very informative article about Thailand. I can’t really relate to the section because I personally have never experienced the beauty of Thailand, but after reading about Ely’s experiences, it sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Her article is easy to understand and uses a lot of detail when talking about the process of going to Thailand and when she got there. She says, “Going through security was stressful, but manageable, and once we finally got to the gate, I thought my feelings would begin to change, but they didn’t. I was nervous.” Ely goes into great detail when talking about her experience at the airport and her feelings. Her passage really grabbed my attention and encouraged me to visit Thailand and experience the beauty for myself.

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