Tear More

January 10, 2018
By MichelleS BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
MichelleS BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
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Tear More is a profound poem. More men should have the mindset Xolotl has. He mentiones how it is okay for “ man to cry” to become “ outcasts” ( Xolotl). I agree men need to speak their minds as well as women. Until we learn to express out feelings and thoughts, toxicity will vanish quicker. Boys need to act like men; Girls need to act like women. Xolotl Cruz-De Jesus mentions his soul being “entrapped and can not do it alone”, and he is not the only one. Many other people feel the same way. Thank you, Xolotl for opening peoples mindset to speak their minds and so they won’t feel stuck and alone.

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