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My Opinion on Animal Abuse

March 14, 2018
By Katy041701 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Katy041701 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Every day thousands of animals are abused or used as bait for dangerous things. "My Sacred Space" by Philip L. is exactly how we should treat animals because they have the "power" to brighten any day. I began volunteering with animals as soon as I found out animals were being tortured and taken from their mothers at a young age just to produce food. The line "Every creature deserves a place where they feel safe" is exactly how I feel about life so I take in a lot of abused animals who need a home. No matter their past they are all very sweet and beautiful. Law enforcers aren't doing anything to stop animal abuse, for example, if someone hits a child they get life in prison but if they hurt or even kill an animal they get 3 days max. Sometimes they spend the night then go home the next day. Animals are very sweet creatures no matter what humans put them through. For instance, I took in a pit bull a couple years ago who was abused as a pup and used as a fighting dog. She is still very sweet despite everything she went through, She's beautiful even with her many scars. She passed away last year due to a sickness in the brain, after living with a loving family for 4 years. Animals that have been abused won't trust as fast. But, once you have their trust it takes a lot to lose it. Animals are trustworthy they deserve better.. they should never have to go through that. EVER.

Let's put an end to animal abuse.

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