April 6, 2009
By Jack O&#39Malley BRONZE, West Tisbury, Massachusetts
Jack O&#39Malley BRONZE, West Tisbury, Massachusetts
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            “Internitwit� by Molly Kane is an article on how the internet is affecting how we process information on a large scale that I found to be very insightful and true. The article deals with how the human brain is becoming less able to handle larger pieces of writing due to the onslaught of information found on the internet. I personally can feel the affects of the internet in my own life. For example I find myself wanting to abbreviate words when I’m typing something up or how I find myself losing my place in larger pieces of text. I felt that this article should be read by anybody who uses the internet a lot in their daily lives as a warning on what could happen.
Jack O’Malley, Oak Bluffs, MA

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