"Labels We Live By" Review

January 9, 2018

“Labels We Live By” was written by Anadeepa R.. It talks about how he is treated differently than others. His/Her writing left me feeling shocked. I’m shocked about how this person is treated so differently than others just because of his looks. I disagree by the way he was treated just because he looks different. I saw the same issue way before when I was young. I saw a kid getting picked on by two other kids. I was too young and was too short to help. I felt useless when it was  happening.The author writes, “Shy, talkative, annoying, easygoing, beautiful, ugly, popular, outcast, white, black, brown, Hispanic, Asian, prude, gay, straight, smart, and stupid.” This is written very well. He really expresses himself when writing this story. The author writes,  “  People were deciding who I was before I got the chance to show them.” I understand how this guy/girl feels.

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