Texting Can Wait

January 9, 2018
By Bunny54 BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
Bunny54 BRONZE, Defiance , Ohio
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The writing titled “Texting Can Wait,” written by Keith A., talks about the danger of phones when driving. His writing left me feeling that we need to put the phone down. I believe that there should be an app installed on every phone that stops people from texting and driving. “Be careful driving!” his mom said as he ran out the door. Your parents care about you very much. They don’t want to lose you. They don’t want you to make one bad decision like texting and driving. When you text and drive, you are putting everybody around you in danger. Why would you want to do that? “Texting and driving is completely avoidable and should not be done under and circumstances.” Why do it? Stay safe. Don't text and drive! W82TXT

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